About Us

Bijapur Womens Cricket Club is a fitness centre where the players take fitness and exercise programme for the sports activities.We provide professional service in cricket coaching.

In today’s fast paced world physical fitness is essential and when it comes to fitness for sports activities then it has to be completely professional . We provide fitness programme required for different sports and as per the flexibility of the sportsperson.

We make morning exercises ,gym, jogging, running, skipping,endurance,fitnees,agility , which can be required a complete timetable for each sports person. Being physically fit will help them in boosting their self confidence to a great extent and help them perform well in their respective sports.

Bijapur Womens Cricket Club provide customized services for the players to pursue their fitness goals. We have the best equipment and the best training program in this arena. Positive lifestyle is necessary for better performance.We make environment comfortable for ladies sportsperson who have different fitness needs.

Our fitness trainers provide timely suggestions to the players for the diet programme and intake of diets in each stage of the fitness programs.
Why people choose us?
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